It Takes a Toll

This past week has been really tough. On a typical day I get about six hours of activity before I am reduced to a lump of cells, sinew, and exhaustion watching YouTube videos in bed. But this week, oh this week, I have been waking with low spoons (read more about the Spoon Theory here) and I haven't once … Continue reading It Takes a Toll


Why Articles About Why OCD isn’t Cute are Not Cute

You've probably seen them; they're everywhere. Honestly, just put "Why OCD isn't cute" into a search engine, and you'll find plenty of articles telling you about how egregious people are for saying "I'm so OCD" and how obsessive-compulsive disorder is real and awful. I get it, I do. The type of people who say "oh my glurb, … Continue reading Why Articles About Why OCD isn’t Cute are Not Cute

I know, right?

An entire month. An entire month of silence. An entire month where I wanted to post, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I blame the time-consuming winter quarter, the soul-crushing depression, and the hellish weather. The year, so far, has been crappy. There, I said it. Crappy. So, what now? Well, I really want … Continue reading I know, right?